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Experts talk – the one metric you would take to a deserted island

Beach metrics

Imagine you one day end up with only one metric for the rest of your life – you will only be able to use this one metric for the rest of your life! Which one would you choose?

Any one metric will not give you the full picture of your business. You should always do your homework and start from scratch, building your analytics framework. But if you HAD to choose?

I’m all for revenue – bottom line. But, what would other seasoned analytics do? Let’s ask the cream of the crop. 18 of the most brilliant minds in web analytics and big data out there share us their selection.

My question was:

What 1 metric would you take to a deserted island?

I highly recommend you follow them for their insights (and in some cases funny answers)!

Let’s begin with their answers, shall we!

1) Alex Cohen :

2) Susan Etling :

3) Dennis Mortensen :

4) Anil Batra:

5) Alistair Croll:

6) Jim Sterne:

7) Hyoun Park:

7) Bobby Hewitt:

8) Doug Laney:

9) Taulbee Jackson:

10) Avinash Kaushik:

11) Nathan Gilliatt:

12) Keith Burtis:

13) Stephane Hamel:

14) Michele Kiss:

15) Web Analytics World:

15) Jonas Klit Nielsen:

16) Marshall Sponder:

17) John Lovett:

18) Gary Angel:

So, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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