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Welcome to my first growth and income report, ever, för January 2015. I will publish these reports every month to show you how this blog grows and what I have done each month to make it so. Naturally these first months of reports will be short and not that meaty but they will grow and […]

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Some say that the pen is mightier than the sword and it’s very much true, especially in marketing. In our case, we don’t wage or instigate war with our words. We rather convince and convert our customers. With the help of words, we are able to be persuasive and be more influential. We can learn to talk […]

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The money is in the list has been a long standing saying, at least in the affiliate community. Nowadays everyone, not only the affiliate community, is trying their best at deceive you of your precious email. And it’s easy to understand why, having a direct connection to your visitors, users and prospect is immensely valuable. […]

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