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There are a lot of resources out there today. Some stick but most of them don’t. But the ones that do stick are proven to deliver whats promised. They are used (by me and others) on a regular basis. On this page I collect them all for you to asses if they fit my needs. I’d say if they fit me they are probably a good choice for you too, but don’t take my word for it.

Note: I will earn commission from some of these links if you decide to make a purchase. A purchase should be made if you feel that the product fit your needs and not only on recommendation by me or anyone els.

My favorites

These are the ones I use and they are always part of my quiver of tools. They just work and thats how I like it!

wpEngineWPengine – Fast, simple and reliable. WPengine is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to host your WordPress-installation in a cutting edge enviroment, hands down! Scale to your hearts content, custom security and CDN solutions with no or few rivals.

Visit: http://www.wpengine.com


GenesisGenesis – Genesis is, in my opinion one of the greatest theme frameworks out there. The folks over att Studiopress has produced a flexible and easy to understand framwork with a active community and stellar support! It’s easy for anyone to take up and build upon!

Visit: http://www.studiopress.com


LeadPagesLeadPages – Working with internet marketing you know landing pages, launch pages, sales letters and conversion centric pages are your bread and butter. LeadPages give you all above, including statistics and split testing and more in one handy tool so you can start building your list or sales from day one. Are you doing it?

Visit: https://www.leadpages.net


– I have worked with a lot of different hosts through out my years. Most of them has been specialised in some way, exactly like Site5. As a power-user Site5 give you the tools for me to grow from a simple host into a managed VPS. Great for the ones of you thats just starting out but also for you designers and developers.

Visit: http://www.site5.com

– Looking to buy a high quality dedicated server or VPS? Eleven2 is the choice I go for. Great support 24/7 and quality, custom control panel. You also have the ability to choose location for your server across the world, including US and Europe. Also, they have an Iphone-app for full control of your support.

Visit: http://www.eleven2.com

– MediaTemple might be the king of them all for you want quality hosting. Now owned by GoDaddy MediaTemple is the one choice for anyone running large, international websites with large amount of visitors. Quality shared, virtual and dedicated solutions that fit and scale to anyones need.

Visit: http://mediatemple.net

A Small Orange
– Close and personal A Small Orange is your mom and pop hosting provider with the customer in focus. Perfect for the conscious consumer since a small orange offer “green” hosting with the environment in mind. Great for anyone wishing to grow their website and with  big ambition.

Visit: http://www.asmallorange.com

– With a fresh take on hosting Pagely has brought their A-game to the table with a custom WordPress-hosting that boast quality features. Powered by Amazon with a simple and intuitive interface we can fully recommend Pagely if you run WordPress, not matter size webpage you run.

Visit: https://www.pagely.com

Flywheel – With free migrations and a clean interface Flywheel gives you a hosting designed with designer workflow in mind. A simple pricing-structure and the ability to scale Flywheel is perfect fit if you manage clients or an agency.

Visit: http://www.getflywheel.com

– is a host with a big toolset, straight out of the box! With a focus on WordPress you get the tools you need to launch a website with built in tools to start marketing it for the search engines straight away! A perfect fit for any publisher!

Visit: http://www.websynthesis.com


– When starting out online, launching your first own website, you will need a theme and design (if you plan to use WordPress). Most of us start out with a pre made one. However, quality can differ immensely and finding a quality one can be hard. But don’t fret! Woothemes got a bunch of quality ones.

Visit: http://www.woothemes.com

– Once you think Woothemes limit you in what you want to achive with your design and theme the next logical step is to use a framework to start building your own design almost from scratch. Thesis is one of the top compeditors and the framework I stared out with. Highly recommended.

Visit: http://www.diythemes.com

– The CMS the rule them all. WordPress is a staple in webdesign. Few, if any of todays solutions available today can rival the flexibility and community surrounding WordPress.

Visit: http://www.wordpress.org

Conversion rate optimization

– Optimizely offer a wide set of tools to start working with A/B and MVT testing and conversion optimization. It’s similar to Google Experiments but with a much more, drag and drop based, hands on experience and adaptable set of tools for anyone, regarding of level of knowledge experience.

Visit: https://www.optimizely.com

– Working with landing pages to drive leads or sales? Unbounce is the tool for you! In a matter of minutes you can setup and A/B test multiple landing pages. In just 3 simple steps your are able to build a landing page, publish it and start testing and optimizing.

Visit: http://www.unbounce.com

Visual Website Optimizer
– My number one choice! If you are looking to take the next step in A/B- and MVT testning. Visual Website is the perfect choice. With additional tools like behavioural targeting, heat-maps and usability testing it will give deeper knowledge.

Visit: http://www.visualwebsiteoptimizer.com

– If you need insight into your visitors Clicktale is one of the most versatile tools out there. With session/visitor recording, heat-maps, mouse tracking and form analytics you can get much feedback from your visitors that you didn’t knew you had at your disposal.

Visit: http://www.clicktale.com


– What’s not to say about Google AdWords? It’s the worlds biggest channel for PPC and there are almost no rival. If you need traffic, in any market, AdWords can help you. However, spending money with AdWords is easy, but getting a decent ROI might be harder. So thread with caution!

Visit: https://adwords.google.com

– Microsoft and Bing might be one alternative if you want to broaden your market a bit more. Also, Bing is great for diversification and generally competition is a bit lower.

Visit: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com

– If you are sure you want to move into PPC I must recommend you completing a course before you bring out your credit-card. It will give you a much needed edge! Market Motive have just that, from leading figures in PPC. Highly recommended.

Visit: http://www.marketmotive.com


– In SEO link-building is a key activity, and a big part of link-building is assessing competition and acquiring the same links as your competition. Majestic gives you just that find your competitors links. With 694,400,040,958 URLs found Majestic is one of the biggest.

Visit: http://www.majesticseo.com

– Raven is a almost complete online marketing suite that help you with SEO, Social media, Content marketing and PPC management. Control all your campaign from one tool, track keywords, asses competition and handle on-page issues and much more.

Visit: http://www.raventools.com

– My top choice! Ahrefs is much like Majestic a link index. And with 722,068,915,700 external links found as of today it’s big. With features like bulk URL-control and a fast API Ahrefs is the perfect partner with any other SEO-tool of your choice.

Visit: https://www.ahrefs.com

– If you are building links, and link-building is much about relationships with your audience, BuzzStream will help you track and manage this and much more. Track your campaign, links and contacts in one place.

Visit: http://www.buzzstream.com

– Ontolo is another great tool for link-building. Manage links and prospects in one simple interface. Follow up on your competitors and track their activity, always staying one step ahead.

Visit: http://www.ontolo.com

– From SEOmoz and a blog to a quality link index to to a full-fledge SEO-campaign tool called MOZ Rand Fishkin has taken his company further then few have take it. Track all of your SEO-aspects from one tools.

Visit: http://www.moz.com

– If you looking to get deep into SEO I would, as I did with PPC, recommend a course. Udemy is a great choice as you can get a course from mr Fishkin himself. Highly recommended if you want to get your SEO-game to the next level! A great alternativ is Destilled U.
Visit: https://www.udemy.com

Social media

– If you are working with social media and many accounts there are issues and challenges if you want to control and track your account and audience. Sprout let’s you collect all your social accounts in one place. Giving you a much greater overview and the ability to focus on what you do best, engage with your audience.

Visit: http://www.sproutsocial.com

Web analytics

Market Motive
– I have already recommended two courses for anyone starting with SEO or PPC, and I’ll continue with that. Again Market Motive has some high quality courses on the subject. Highly recommended!

Visit: http://www.marketmotive.com

Google Analytics
– Google Analytics is the undisputed king of web analytics. There are few of us that have any need that Google Analytics won’t cover. Learning Google Analytics and you will surely earn more money from your visitors in the long run.

Visit: http://www.google.com/analytics

Crazy Egg
– While Google Analytics can give the what, as what is happening on your website it will never give you the why. Crazy Egg can give you some insight into just that. Track clicks, hotspots and scroll with ease!

Visit: http://www.crazyegg.com


– E-mail marketing is an absolutely essential part of online marketing. Building a list containing your main audience is building value over time. With GetResponse you not only get a solid foundation to start out with your e-mail services but there is a simple landing-page editor.

Visit: http://www.getresponse.com

– StreamSend is a bit of a underdog in the e-mail market. With solid features and developed statistics StreamSend can give you the edge needed while building your list. Also boast great social features for even greater interaction with your subscribers.

Visit: http://www.streamsend.com

– Is Mailchimp THE greatest e-mail service out there? I do think so. Simple, easy and competitive prices. Mailchimp just rocks with their interface, ability to integrate (as in widespread and readymade integration with many platforms) and great support. My number one choice for years.

Visit: http://www.mailchimp.com


– For all my more high-level projects that needs outsourcing I go with Elance. Over the years i’t just feels like the level of knowledge and quality on delivered work is just that bit higher, making me come back for more. Great for anything coding. My top choice!

Visit: https://www.elance.com

– If I got any mundane task that needs outsourcing Odesk is where I’m heading. Great for repetitive and simple tasks that such as research and content writing/sourcing.

Visit: https://www.odesk.com

99 Designs
– For all my design-needs I go with 99 Designs. Let talented people bid you your job with their designs. Crowd-designing with a twist. But remember, you get what you pay for so up the bid and you will get quality designs.

Visit: http://www.99designs.com


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