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Mikael Uusitalo

Hi there!

If we haven’t met my name is Mikael Uusitalo. I am the creator of this blog, the Cubicle Dropout and founder of Thrillism.com – Adventure travel website. This is my outlet where I can teach you everything I know about digital marketing and online business. These skills are the very ones that put me into the fortunate position I am in today, as a business owner, but they also allowed me to evolve the mindset and strategies (ones that i’m very eager to share) that gave this blog it’s name.

A Cubicle Dropout – undefined

So, who’s your average cubicle dropout?

First of, I need to make one thing clear – a cubicle dropout is whoever and whatever you want it to be. Meaning that definition and scope may differ to person to person – but control over your business and by extension your life is a occurring theme . Let’s try to condense it’s meaning into a few short sentences:

A cubicle dropout is someone who, driven by skill, passion and a wish to break free from the the normal corporate mold and gruelling corporate world , commit to an idea (usually a business idea) and execute with fierce will. The guiding idea is shaped in such a way that it allows he or her to control his or her situation – in essence taking precedency over his or her own time.

All in all, a cubicle dropout never let outside forces dedicate the way he or she think about his or her business, how it grows and how much time it allocate in his or her life.

Who’s not a cubicle dropout

Just as there is a few common traits among us cubicle dropouts there is also a few ones that you probaly won’t find.

1) Someone who don’t want to hard work

Becoming a cubicle dropout WILL require hard work. While it’s easy to get started it’s also just the beginning and graduating as a cubicle dropout is in many cases a long way head. But don’t fret! My cause is to help you get there as fast as possible through sharing my knowledge and skill. Anyhow, you must know that it rarely happen overnight or without hard work.

2) Someone who thinks there is a magic bullet

Get rich quick schemes are just that, schemes. They will not work. If they would everyone would find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But that don’t happen.  Most, if not all all, ideas that take you to the end of the rainbow till take commitment and once again, hard work. There is no magic bullet!

3) Someone without a passion

Everyone got a passion and driving force in his or her life. You feel don’t have one? Don’t worry, everyone do! For some it might take some time to find out – but once you do it’s time to monetize. What I can do is give you the tools to find your passion and realise your business and goals from there.

Yeah, you are a future cubicle dropout right?

The Cubicle Dropout Framework

While a blog and resource like Cubicledropout.com is how I choose to graduate as a cubicle dropout I believe a great idea is what should dictate how you move further. While I can’t give you that idea on a plate, you will have to find yourself, I can give you the tools needed kickstart your journey.  Let me introduce the Cubicle Dropout framework.

It’s a complete primer on how you you can help verify your idea, set the foundation for your brand and finally launch and grow it with the help of digital marketing.

Download the Framework

Now, it’s your turn. Just drop your e-mail below! You are just a few steps away from kickstarting your business now!

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To you flunking out

So, finally – at the end! I just want to finish of by saying that this is for you, flunking out – becoming a cubicle dropout! I want this to be your first step where skill, passion and hard work pays off!

If you need any help let me know , either via social or through mail. I answer EVERY question I get.

Good luck!